We make digital things that connect real people.

But it’s not just about the things we make.
It’s about the makers who make them.
And the users who use them.

We’re tech geeks and design freaks.

We know what works well and what feels right.
We know what’s good, and how to turn good into exceptional.
Because we build things and we break them.
We plan, we learn, we live.

We drink unhealthy amounts of coffee.

We have working brunches and weekly lunches
in snazzy offices that we don’t always work from.
Even though a fair percentage of our team opts for a gluten-free lifestyle.
But we don’t argue. At least not about that.

We argue about
code, colours, and
Oxford commas.

About software, strategies, and how to create delightful user experiences.
We even argue about using the word delightful.
We’re stubborn, in an endearing way.

We’ve been known
to stay up past
our bedtimes.

To make small changes to big ideas, but not if we can help it.
Because as much as we care about nine to five, we care about life.
And work is just a small part of that.

Because we care about every single human on the other side of the screen.

The people we work with,
the users we’ve never met,
and the billions we haven’t reached.


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