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Establishing a unified brand presence and visualizing the brand vision for BCX

After their acquisition of Business Connexion in 2015, Telkom needed a new platform under a new name, that presented an improved suite of business products to companies in need of end-to-end digital solutions. In less than three months, the challenge was to launch the online presence of what was effectively a new brand in a way that was scalable and flexible enough to allow for big builds in the future. 

Using an arrow device that forms part of the new BCX logo and corporate identity, we created a conceptual design system that always moves the user forward as they engage with the platform. The platform components utilise a Lego block technique that allows us to build interchangeable content lanes within each page, leaving us with a flexible system that is able to evolve block by block.

With a solid and scalable content strategy in place, we built an app into the Content Management System that enabled us to upload triple the content in half the time. 

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