Launching Africa's first conversational interface conference

Conversational interfaces (or chatbots) are the perfect way for brands to connect with frontier markets in a natural environment. The problem is that not many South Africans know about this emerging technology. With no single local conference to connect brands with chatbot specialists, we had two choices: wait for someone else to start one, or do it ourselves.

Using Feersum Engine, our very own conversational interface product, we built a Facebook Messenger bot to give BotCon delegates access to the conference agenda. To illustrate the agility of conversational interfaces, we ran a ‘Build Your Own Bot’ workshop to empower users at the event to create chatbots using Feersum Engine.

We partnered with world-class companies to create BotCon Johannesburg, the first of its kind in Africa. There was such a demand for tickets that we setup a second one in Cape Town and plan to make it an annual event.