Developing the MomConnect Brand for Mothers in South Africa

In order to improve maternal health and give newborn children the best possible chance in life, pregnant women need to be provided with timely information they can use to look after their health and access services. However, to truly shift health outcomes, national-scale systems are required. Together with the National Department of Health and a group of committed partners, we have developed a platform that serves almost every single pregnant woman and health facility in the country.

MomConnect is a multi-faceted programme that creates demand for maternal health services and improves the supply and quality of those services. It includes stage-based health messages developed by the National Department of Health with support from our expert partners at Baby Center, a text-based helpdesk that provides answers to pressing questions, a library of health information accessed via a USSD menu, and a service rating feature that allows subscribers to report on the quality of services they receive at facilities.

Integrating directly with the national health system – thanks to our partners at Jembi and HISP – MomConnect presents decision-makers with control interfaces and dashboards to ensure that feedback from mothers reaches the highest levels of government.

Over 95% of South African clinics and health facilities are participating in the programme, allowing over 1 million pregnant women and new mothers to subscribe. MomConnect has sent over 58 million messages since launching in 2014 . Aside from the sheer scale of the programme, one of the most notable achievements is the high level of engagement from subscribers. Over 27% of subscribers have completed service ratings and more than 330,000 messages have been received and processed by the MomConnect helpdesk.