Our Tools

Our eco-system of tools are layered together to create a solution tailored to your business and your user needs.


We pride ourselves in designing solutions and building systems that are sustainable living beyond the first, second or even third implementation. 


 Experience System

Node UX Managment 

User Experience Management (UXM) System

It ensures you connect consistently and seamlessly with your audience no matter what interface they are using in that moment. 

PRK.Mote is a content creation, curation, management and delivery system that combines years of experience working with large audiences and technologies in frontier markets. It includes:

  • Optimised for frontier markets with comprehensive device support and full internationalisation and localisation support. 
  • Scalable, both horizontally and vertically and currently service 1 million uniques per month on a single platform. 
  • Integration with first class API support, continual updates and integration on demand.
  • Flexible licensing with standard annual licensing or negotiated on a case to case basis. 

Want to explore it more? Set up a discovery session with us to see how we can help you. 

  Feersum Engine:  Conversation System 

Feersum Bot Engine

Conversational Computing System

It enables conversations with users using language as interface. Have a conversation with 1 person or 1 million at anytime.

Feersum Engine is the utilisation of chat, messaging, or other natural language interfaces to interact with people, brands or services and tap into the natural behaviour of conversation. It includes:

  • Enabling you to scale and have a personalised interaction with even more of your audience without increasing your workforce or cost.
  • Aggregation of user information from interactions gives you access to big data allowing upsell, cross sell and better product fit.
  • Serving the right service, information or product at the exact moment a person needs and desires it.
  • Reach a broader audience through Facebook Messenger, Allo, Skype and WhatsApp integration.

Want to give it a try? If you believe this could benefit you let's set up a demo to show you more. 

  Mobius:  Transaction System 

Django Apps

Rapid application development.

It facilitates transactions across any channel users are interacting on. Want to explore it more? Set up a discovery session with us.