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Relationship management 

Our Business Unit Directors and Client Partners are the foundations upon which our partnerships are built. They’re your voice, your representatives and the people that bring your project visions to life. On brief, on time, on budget.  

Product management 

The Project Manager is the glue that holds any project together. They manage the overall delivery of the solution, and will interact with internal and external partners, including strategy, design, content, engineering, clients and users. 


Every decision we make is based on a deep understanding of our users – what they need, what they do and how they do it. We use a combination of innovative tools and traditional research to conceptualise unique strategies for each of our partners. 



We can’t build a solution if we don’t understand the problem. So we delve deep into cultures, preferences and behaviours to find out what matters to the users in every project we take on. 


To identify opportunities that enable meaningful interactions with users and transforms businesses we draw on a rich understanding of human behaviour and research that allows us to define insights.

Business strategy

Our strategists work closely with our partners to help optimise products to meet business goals. Functional expertise meets industry knowledge to deliver better experiences to frontier markets. 

Experience strategy

Our design technologists work closely with our engineering and creative teams to create powerful concepts through solution designs that get the message across in the simplest and smartest manner. 

Solution design and engineering.

Our designers and engineers have the same goal as you do – to deliver your brand’s products and services to users. The difference comes in how we do that – with innovation, simplicity and functionality. 


Service design

To launch services and products that resonate with users we define the people, organizational structure, infrastructure, communications and systems required in collaboration with client teams and stakeholders. 

User experience design

Through continual iterations, rapid prototyping and testing we bridge the gap between the digital experiences of users and their physical ones. We craft each experience behind an interaction, service or transaction to meaningfully fufill a user need.  

Visual design

Design is as much about emotion as anything else. Our visual designers tap into that emotion with concepts, layouts, typography, brand identities and design language systems that are all about usability. 

Content design

Taking cues from visual design, we help our partners craft content to talk to the user in the most natural way possible. After all, visual and content design is the face of the end product. 

We’re passionate about technical detail to the point of obsession. Our rigorous engineering and strong principles lead to simpler, smarter and faster solutions that will not only meet expectations, but surpass them. We’re driven by a yearning to go where no team has gone before. 


Solutions architecture

Performance, security and stability are critical factors when it comes to delivering software products. Our solutions architects define and craft technical requirements to bring the design vision to life and take the final product live. 

Software engineering

These are the problem solvers, the technical designers, the programmers. This is where the magic happens. Software engineers provide expertise to inform tactical software platform considerations during the creative design and architecture phases. 

Quality Assurance

To keep programs running efficiently and accurately, our QA engineers track decisions, details, feedback and changes, ensuring that everything keeps running as smoothly as it should. 

Site Reliability Engineering

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is what you get when you treat operations as a software problem. Our SRE team's mission is to progress, protect, and provide for the software and systems behind all of Praekelt’s services, products and solutions. 



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