••• Product Manager for Feersum Engine

Product Manager
for Feersum Engine


What we are looking for:


Feersum Engine is a channel agnostic conversation creation platform optimised for frontier markets. It enables the rapid creation and operation of rich, mixed structured and NLP orientated digital conversations.

We are looking for a Product Manager to manage the development of this platform and its evolution in terms of incremental and exponential enhancements.

The Product Manager is required to collaborate with the Product Director, other Product Managers, Business Development, Service Designers, and Engineering to gather stakeholder requirements, establish the roadmap and works closely with the Engineering team to guide, support and accelerate build-out of the platform.


Key focus areas

  • Product Management: Day to day management of the product engineering team to support and accelerate platform build and deliver an outstanding product. Maintenance of a visible and accurate roadmap. Act as key contact for all communication around current product development timeline.

  • Product Direction: Work closely with the Product Director to clarify and evangelise the product vision and strategy. Help gather and prioritise product and customer requirements. Prioritize features in line with business value i.e. impact (depth, breadth), opportunity, difficulty, certainty, capacity, strategic fit, timing, acquisition, retention, conversion.

  • Sales and Marketing: Work with Business Development to ensure the product aligns to the commercial / sales strategy and supports Praekelt’s positioning in the market. Support the Product Director in gathering product and customer requirements, assist in securing the necessary SLA’s and contracts to cover new client relationships and include desired client features in the roadmap product once new clients are signed up.


Key responsibilities

  • Understand, clarify and evangelise product vision and strategy.

  • Prioritise, maintain and groom a single consolidated platform backlog. Ensure that the product backlog is visible, transparent, and clear to all.

  • Work closely with Engineering team to support and guide development activities. Participate as Product manager in Agile  or SCRUM ceremonies or derivatives thereof.

  • Define epics and stories, making appropriate use of specifications, wireframes, use cases and mock-ups.

  • Engage operations teams to identify and elaborate requirements arising from existing clients / projects.

  • Engage Service Designers to design and implement metrics-orientated approaches to obtaining and analysing user feedback to better solve user needs.

  • Conduct market research to understand relevant technology innovations, trends and opportunities. Is an expert on other providers & technologies in the market.

  • Work with the Legal team to secure the necessary SLA’s and contracts to cover new client relationships

  • Conduct Quality Assurance and sign-off of features delivered per iteration.


Relevant Experience and Skills:

  • Experience of Agile or other relevant development methodologies.

  • Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills

  • Fluency with technology and its implications on product design and business

  • Design/UX instincts

  • Resilience and tolerance for ambiguity

  • Business judgment and curious nature

  • Strong process skills and detail orientation

  • Communicates effectively across the organisation

  • Experience with chat based, messaging, machine learning technologies a plus


Minimum Qualifications

  • 3 – 5 years’ experience as Product Manager / Product Owner in a software environment

  • B degree / Hons / Ma / MBA in relevant degree