What we do

We don’t do
elevator pitches

Since the dawn of time, we’ve struggled to tell people what we do.
It’s not that we don’t know, it’s just hard to explain it in an elevator.

Sure, in 30 seconds and three floors we could tell you that we’re UX designers, software developers and project managers that build digital things to grow brands and businesses. But we’d be leaving out a lot.

We’d like to think that this little intro has bought us more of your time, which is why we’re going to go in a bit more detail.


Our studio is where we make a lot of our secret sauce. Our talented humans have diverse skills and backgrounds, but we all care about one thing – putting users first. We search for the sweet spot between what they need and what you need. So we’re same-same, but different.

  • 01Strategy
  • 02User Experience
  • 03Content
  • 04Design


Our engineers are passionate about technical detail to the point of obsession – it’s actually a little weird to watch. But we don’t give them too much trouble about it, because we know that every technical decision they make is based on a deep understanding of the users they’re building for – what they need, what they do, and how they do it.

  • 01Engineering
  • 02Content Management Systems
  • 03Site Reliability Engineering
  • 04Feersum Bot Builder
  • 05Feersum NLU

Client Partnership

Our Client Partnership team is the glue that holds it all together. We can research, build and design until we’re the perfect shade of blue in the face, but none of it would mean anything without them steering the ship.

Our Project Managers and Client Partners are just as responsible for building platforms as they are for building relationships. They’re our voice at the client’s boardroom table, the client’s voice at ours – equally open, honest, passionate and invested on both sides.

They’re there from the second our clients sign on that dotted line until the final handshake when we hand over the finished product, but the real value is what happens in between – the proactive production, open communication and strategic thinking that get those projects delivered on time, on budget and on brand.


While it’s nice to think we can do everything ourselves, the truth is that we have some help – especially when it comes to hosting and brand management. Here’s a look at some of the tools of our trade.

  • 01Online Brand Management
  • 02Cloud Hosting