The missing hyperlink in brand evolution

Brands change every day, but some days they change more than others. Absa needed a new home for their new look, so they came to us.

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In one of the biggest rebrands in recent times, Absa needed a single site to house a brand-new Corporate Identity. With thousands of people responsible for their marketing and advertising, everyone needed to be on the same webpage.

Brands like Absa are living, breathing, changing things. They run, they rest, they move, they shake – they evolve. Our partnership with Frontify allowed us to build a constantly-updated resource library that housed every single nuance of their new brand – from logo variations and colour usage to UI patterns and payoff lines.

With all the guidelines, resources and assets in one place, they’re always ready for the next move, whatever it may be.

For the first time in Africa

We were so impressed with the scalable brand management software we saw from Frontify, we put a ring on it and became their official partner in the Middle East and Africa, where this kind of thing hadn’t been done before. And what better way to start than with one of the biggest banks on the continent?


With clients to the left and stakeholders to the right, we were stuck in the middle with a serious deadline. We’ve always been fans of co-creation, but this project made us put our belief in hyper-teams to the test. We passed with flying colours that were different shades of Absa red, thanks to some real talk and collective decision-making from day zero.

Looking behind
the design

Sure, our designers are visual visionaries, but this one took us beneath the surface of traditional design and allowed us to use our powers of information design. With a new brand and an existing front-end interface, we almost had to throw the standard creative process out the window and think in a way that challenged everything we know.

A rebrand, a revolution, and a new identity for corporate identity.

Not only does this brand site start a new era for Absa, but a new era for branding in South Africa. Our partnership with Frontify allows us to build constantly-updated resource libraries so that no brand gets left behind. We’re ready for the revolution.

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