Empowering Educators with the power of play-based learning

There is an overwhelming amount of pressure on the limited resources and training available to Grade R and foundation phase educators to provide inspiring and impactful education to their pupils. 

Play-based learning is an incredible tool that can enable this level of education, yet the difficulty in accessing training prevents educators from using it. Technology digitally bridges the gap left by manual training, so long as educators have access to it.


Building a brand platform that facilitates the education process.

PLAY is a platform designed for to help educate the educators about play-based learning. It is a free self-study course that supplements formal training with online workshops and resources, and only requires two hours of study a week. 

By partnering with the National Department of Basic Education, the course has been certified, and completion qualifies its participants for the 15 continuing professional development credits.

In partnership with Praekelt.Org, the National Department of Basic Education, Cotlands, UNICEF and The Lego Foundation