Helping learners improve their maths scores one revision at a time.

A desperate shortage of quality educators in South Africa prevents many students from fulfilling their potential. Dig-it is available on mobile phones and does not require a high-end handset, allowing students from different South African backgrounds and locations to learn and compete on a single platform.


A platform for learners designed by learners.

dig-it is a gamified mobile maths challenge platform for high school learners, who can earn points, badges and airtime by solving maths challenges with an emphasis on content from all sections of the syllabus. 

Using human-centred design processes our team developed an e-learning platform which recognised the needs, incentives and behaviours of our target users. 


And how did the exams go?

40% of learners using dig-it showed improvements, with an average improvement of 10% across the board. Learners who had answered 250 or more questions showed the greatest improvement. 

In partnership with Praekelt.Org and Investec