Absa Viewer

A new era.

In one of the biggest rebrands in recent times, Absa relaunched their look and needed a single place to house a brand-new Corporate Identity. With thousands of people responsible for their marketing and advertising, everyone needed to be on the same webpage. Our job was to design and develop an online brand management tool to store new guidelines, new assets and an entirely new brand. 

Absa Illustration

A new identity for corporate identity.

We liked what we saw from brand management software specialists Frontify. In fact, we liked it so much, we became their official partner in the Middle East and Africa, where this kind of thing hadn’t been done before. With their system and our team of UX designers, developers and product support, all we needed was a brand. And we had one. 

Absa Editor

A place for a brand to live.

The Absa brand site is the home of every single nuance of the new brand, from logo variation and colour usage, to UI patterns and payoff lines. With all the guidelines, resources and assets in one place, they’re always ready for the next move, whatever it may be. 

Absa Functionality

A South African branding revolution.

Like Absa, brands are living, breathing, changing things. They run, they rest, they move, they shake – they evolve. Our partnership with Frontify allows us to build constantly-updated resource libraries so that no brand gets left behind. We’re ready for the revolution.

Absa Owner