Bringing a brand back home.

MTN has been around since the beginning of South Africa as we know it. Since 1994, it’s grown from a local telco in an uncertain industry into a multibillion rand company – one of the biggest in SA, with branches all over the world. But with all that growth came scores of sub-brands, sites and challenges.

Case Study White

A single starting point.

When we say MTN have a lot of sites, we’re not messing around. There’s the original one, the shop, the music platform, multiple gaming spaces, business and much, much more. We’re all about the users, but if they can’t find where they need to be, they’re not users, they’re lost. With all the shoots, offshoots, websites and microsites, we didn’t know where to begin. So we started at the very beginning.

MTN wires

A fresh start.

Our challenge was to join them somehow with a solution that holds the brand together. So we conceptualised, designed and developed a two-layer veneer for – a single starting point that where all users could begin their journey and navigate through the MTN ecosystem.

MTN screen 2

Still growing strong.

So while everything else chops, changes and transforms as MTN moves towards the ultimate goal of a single site, the brand can direct their comms to one place, and users can find content quickly, easily and smoothly. And it all begins on