Rewriting and redesigning history

A new website for the most ancient of organisations. Telling the story of PAST – the Palaeontological Scientific Trust.

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People often call us a tech company, but we’re so much more than that. We are not only
developers – we are partners, planners, writers and designers. Above all, we are creators.

That’s why PAST – the Palaeontological Scientific Trust – asked us to redesign and
rewrite their website to help them fund research and education in Africa.

The simplicity of the brief allowed our young designers and writers to push themselves
to a limit they never knew existed, using carefully-crafted copy and powerful imagery to
tell the tale of the human race.

The neverending story

PAST was founded in 1994, but the work they do goes back billions of years. Naturally, they have so many stories to tell, which inspired the writing style. When read together, the headlines throughout the site form sentences, reiterating the idea that our history has no end, and will be written over and over for millennia to come.

  1. We help unearth the scientific evidence of our origins.
  2. We are all from one.
  3. Our knowledge is not a secret.
  4. Anyone can be a part of the discovery.
  5. We’re all part of one biosphere.

With more than words

The stories are brought to life with dramatic dark backgrounds, powerful full-bleed imagery, large text, and descriptive iconography that aids the users in making their navigational decisions.

Using language and design to inspire action

The previously-complex site navigation was restructured under four verb-based pillars that were categorised by colour. The point of this is to inspire action, which is what PAST is all about. So whether users want to Learn, Collaborate, Give or Connect, everything points towards the main goals of the organisation.

Breathing life
into fossils. brings those fossils to life in so many ways, and uses the art of storytelling to help PAST fund their palaeontological research, and educate South Africa about the truth of our shared origins.

Professionals with a heart!

– Andrea Leenen, Past CEO


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